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About Us

About Us

Meet the team behind Maraya. A group of 5 friends brought together through the shared passion of surfing, the dream of living by the ocean, and the idea of creating a space where you have everything you need to work remotely and enjoy life to the fullest. A space where you can be productive, but also connected. To yourself, to nature, to those around you and to the projects, sports and hobbies you love. Where you can feel the sun on your skin and even in winter sit outside in boardshorts.

Like all good ideas, it took time. At the beginning it was simply post surf evenings wondering “what if?”, sharing travel and digital nomad experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – and dreaming of our own space.

Then the team and the idea gained momentum. First it was 9 months searching to find the house, then 5 painful months of waiting as negotiations and documents were prepared, until finally we completed at the end of January 2021. It felt like a finish line, but really we had only just begun, now the fun stuff – creating our space. It took another 9 months to renovate everything exactly how we’d imagined it – no wonder it feels like a baby to us.


As passionate as he is as a surfer, as patient he is as a surf teacher. Originally studying business management, Ben’s path led him a couple of times around the world, on land as well as on sea and into web development, where he didn’t only get to know the world of digital nomads, but also decided to start his own project for them. But Ben is not only doing web-stuff, he is the one that makes you want to do yoga, even if you just prepared for a nap, the one that makes you want to get up early in the morning for a surf, even if your whole body is sore, he is motivation in motion, most probably because he grew up by the ocean.


The eccentric and creative energy of Maraya, Dave adds the colour. Not only to the walls and windows, but also to life at Maraya. Dave, a graphic designer and digital nomad himself is passionate about design, style, music and movement. With his music he finds the obscure and unique – you won’t believe how many great songs you love but don’t know yet. And with his movement it’s either chasing waves, early morning dips, never ending headstands or simply his breath while meditating.


Alex brings balance to the team. Usually based in Berlin, having recently completed his masters in innovation management he’s now persuing the life of a Analyst Consultant. A qualified meditation instructor, Alex helps to maintain the calm while also bringing his own abstract thinking to our challenges. Almost always smiling, a lethal ping pong player and a multi-talented musician, Alex’s patience and attention to detail helped us achieve the perfect finishes around Maraya, and set our innovation targets for the future.


“El professor”, Lucca is the family man, not only building and nurturing the Maraya family but also his own, married to a beautiful Canarian, Marta, and father to an equally beautiful daughter Maya. Lucca is responsible for bringing the team together and single handedly manages the Spanish bureaucracy. Lucca has a curious soul and an infectious smile, a sportsman, juggling family and business between paddle matches and surfing.


Meet Domi, a formidable human. Using his wealth of experience in construction and building projects he led the construction site of the Maraya project and we’re forever grateful for the knowledge and resilience Domi brought to the site. But not only is he a very skilled civil engineer, he has also cycled almost every road on the island and can’t get enough of the 15+ degree inclines most of us would shy away from. Always up for a challenge, but also always up for a good time!