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Community is at the heart of what makes coliving and coworking spaces such unique experiences. Not only do you get to live in paradise, sleep in a comfy bed and have all the facilities you need to get your job done, but you also get to join a family of like minded people, to collaborate on projects, go on adventures, share stories and maybe start friendships that last a lifetime.

At Maraya we get the importance of community and good vibrations – afterall, this is one of the reasons you’ll choose Maraya. So we created spaces and experiences to provide the opportunities to connect, share, move and work together. So what does community at Maraya look like? Scroll down to find out.

We aim to create a family experience

we believe in a healthy work-life balance

& we love to explore

Get to know more about the beautiful Island of Tenerife we’re lucky enough to call home at Maraya.