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Why Tenerife? Why would you choose to stay on an island in the Atlantic Ocean miles off the coast of Africa, surrounded by turquoise water that’s home to 27 different species of dolphins and whales, where every horizon is endless except a few of the neighbouring islands popping up here and there… Why stay somewhere where you always have to consider sun cream and swimwear because the sun never seems to stop shining and even when you go hiking you usually end up taking a dip in the ocean or a natural swimming pool.

Then there’s the challenge of what to pack! Since on the peak of Teide it’s mostly under 0 degrees, 15 degrees in the lush Anaga Rural Park and 25 degrees almost year round on the coastlines. Why choose a location that’s so convenient to work from, with fast internet, a growing digital nomad community and a European time zone? Where on your days off you have the tough decision of whether you prefer to hike, surf, bike, swim, kite, climb or just to spend a lazy day on one of the many beaches?

well, Some of the views are breathtaking

We also can’t think why? But for some reason we decided to call it home.

At Maraya you’re placed between the north and the south with easy connections to all the island has to offer. So maybe during your stay you can help us figure out why.

maybe jumping in the ocean once or twice Wouldn’t be so bad

And then there’s the team

Get to know the team and history behind Maraya