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Let’s get down to business! Having been digital nomads around the world we’ve experienced all the struggles that remote workers face: patchy internet, uncomfortable workspaces, no privacy for calls – and possibly the worst productivity challenge of them all – everyone else having fun while you have to work! We wanted to make sure our guests didn’t have to worry about these struggles.

We started by creating a variety of spaces where you can choose to work, afterall different projects and different moods require different spaces. All our workspaces are open 24 hours a day and include super fast internet (200mb download / 200mb upload) and a variety of desk and chair setups. Then we added a desk into each private room so you’ve always got a space if you need some privacy. Finally we promote an inspiring and motivating work culture during the week so you can stay focused, motivated, and get the job done!

The Aquarium

Our main office – The Aquarium – enjoys 270 degree views from the mountains to the ocean. It’s a bright workspace with lots of natural light, spacious desks and comfy seats for up to 10 people to suit different styles. It’s a place to collaborate, be inspired or get it done. Whatever “it” looks like to you.

The Pergola

Our second office – The Pergola – is where ideas can come to grow. Nestled at the front of the garden it’s a fun space to connect. To others, to your projects, to your networks, and to nature.

Lots of secret spots

At Maraya we have a lot of space. So we thought about all the places and ways you might want to work and created some secret spots for you to explore while you’re here.

All our private rooms

All our private rooms offer a space that you can work when you need to avoid distractions. Maybe it’s taking a call, presenting on zoom, or you just need your own space. Instead of finding limited call rooms being booked, you’ve got your own so you don’t need worry.

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